Crew Listings for PCF 10 thru 19


PCF 10  

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
    24 December 1965 An Thoi first arrived in South Vietnam
Ralph Grady Johnson, LTJG, OinC   12/65-4/17/66 An Thoi Albertville, AL
Billy Ray Tatum, GMG2   12/65-4/17/66 An Thoi arrived in country 12/27/65 - Tatum, TX
Vincent Lee Robison, EN2 12/65-4/17/66 An Thoi arrived in country 12/27/65 - Ashtabula, OH
Bert Warren Jeffries, SN 12/65-4/17/66 An Thoi arrived in country 12/27/65 - Salmon, ID
Elton K. Huddleston, BM2   12/65-4/17/66 An Thoi arrived in country 12/27/65
Roger William Duquet, RM3 12/65-4/17/66 An Thoi arrived in country 12/27/65 - deceased 6/21/2011 in Tavares, FL
Thomas Joseph Petersik, LTJG, OinC ?4/66?-10/4/66 An Thoi arrived in country ?/?/65, left 11/12/66 - Geneva, IL
Carl C(layton) Ferris, BM1   '66 An Thoi ?retired BM? 12/10/71? - was from Michigan
Dennis William Byram, GMG2  (cousin) 65/66 An Thoi deceased 4/1/11 in Coulterville, IL
Daniel Thomas Tingen, GMG3 '66 An Thoi Las Cruces, NM
Eduardo Placido Arellano, RMSN   '66 An Thoi ?Tonkawa, OK?
Smith, EN2   '66 An Thoi  
Larry Alan Irwin, LTJG, OinC 10/15/66-9/29/67 An Thoi Menlo Park, CA
James A. Taylor, BM2/1   10/66-9/67 An Thoi was from California
Gordon B. Jones Jr, EN2/1   10/66-9/67 An Thoi ?retired EN? 7/5/76? - was from Texas
Danny Ray Hannah, RM3   10/66-9/67 An Thoi was from Virginia
Basil Leroy Harris, GMGSN/3   10/66-9/67 An Thoi served on a swift that had a light blue interior? (late 66-early 67)
Charles Mott White, BMSN   10/66-9/67 An Thoi  
Robert Holcomb Wright, LTJG, OinC 11/67-5/20/68 An Thoi left country 8/1/68 - deceased 9/8/84 in Birmingham, AL
Harry Addison Horstman, RD1   11/67-5/68 An Thoi  
Lane Mcbride Markle, GMG3   11/67-5/68 An Thoi WIA - Basalt, CO
Michael Doyle Douglas, BM3   11/67-5/68 An Thoi  
James Patrick Thomas, RD3 11/67-5/68 An Thoi WIA - 2/16/68 - Henderson, NV
Daniel Thomas Tingen, SN     Las Cruces, NM
Larry Raymond Thurlow, LTJG, OinC 5/68-12/68 An Thoi Bogue, KS
William Aubrey Barnard, EN2   5/68-12/68 An Thoi was from Oregon
Arnold E. Thiel, BM3   5/68-12/68 An Thoi was from Minnesota
Jon Earl Moon, GMGSN   5/68-12/68 An Thoi ?Carbondale, PA?
?Ron? Taylor, RMSN   5/68-12/68 An Thoi  
James Alphu Rue, GMGSN 5/68-12/68 An Thoi Livonia, MI
James Joseph Galvin Sr, LTJG, OinC 12/68-3/69 An Thoi arrived in country 10/17/68 - Leesburg, VA
William Aubrey Barnard, EN2   12/68-3/69 An Thoi was from Oregon
Arnold E. Thiel, BM3   12/68-3/69 An Thoi WIA 1/13/69 - was from Minnesota
Roy Allen Barnes, RM3 12/68-3/69 An Thoi Auburn, CA
John Earl Moon, GMGSN   12/68-3/69 An Thoi WIA 1/20/69 - ?Carbondale, PA?
James Alphu Rue, GMGSN 12/68-3/69 An Thoi WIA 1/13/69 - Livonia, MI
    3/11-6/16/69   overhaul at NSF Cat Lo
William Taber Ferris III, LTJG, OinC   7/69-9/69 Sea Float/An Thoi WIA 9/3/69 - Cutchogue, NY - attorney
Roy Franklin "Mack" McCord, QM2 7/69-9/69 Sea Float/An Thoi WIA 9/3/69 - Carmi, IL
Toby Talbert, EN3   7/69-9/69 Sea Float/An Thoi WIA 9/3/69
John Sarifire, GMG3   7/69-9/69 Sea Float/An Thoi  
Myers, RD??   7/69-9/69 Sea Float/An Thoi  
    9/3-12/31/69   repair in Yokosuka, Japan
    28 February 1970 DaNang transferred to South Vietnamese Navy
PCF 3875

- PCFs 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12, and their crews, were transported together, in the well deck of the USS Catamount LSD 17, from Subic Bay to Phu Quoc Island (An Thoi) arriving 24 December 1965.

- On 3 December 1968, PCF 10, PCF 43, PCF 88 and PCF 93 raided Viet Cong positions deep into the Cai Lon river and destroyed 15 structures, 17 sampans, 9 junks and killed 1 Viet Cong. The boats encountered hostile fire on 3 occasions when exiting the river, inflicting minor damage to PCF 10 and PCF 43.

- On 11 February 1969, 10 PCFs teamed with as LSMR, an LST, an MSO, a WPB, a WHEC, an airborne spotter, Air Force jets and Mobile Strike Force (MSF) troops to carry out eight hours of operations on the southern portion of the Ca Mau Peninsula, SEALORDS 308.
  After preparatory naval gunfire by USCGC Wachuset WHEC 44, USCGC Point Cypress and USS White River LSMR 536, the river incursions began at 1223. At the mouth of the Rach Duong Keo PCFs 43, 44 and 71 proceeded approximately 2.5 miles up river while 20 MSF troops swept up the east river bank. Also starting from the same point PCFs 3, 10 and 31 proceeded about two miles up the Trum Gong River for a psyops broadcast.
  At the same time 10 miles to the east-northeast PCFs 28, 53, 60 and 103 entered the Rach Nang and in just four minutes came under heavy hostile fire from the south bank, about one mile up river. With PCF 103 taking two rocket rounds in the port engine and PCF 60 hit in the bow below the waterline, all four craft turned back down river and cleared the mouth about 15 minutes later. Two men were slightly wounded in this engagement, one each from PCF's 60 and 53. The effort to save PCF 60, which was starting to settle by the bow, continued for over an hour.
  PCF 60 had to beach on a sandbar outside the canal to avoid sinking. The boat's flooding was brought under control, even though the bow had already gone below the surface, after a P-250 pump, provided by the Point Cypress, and delivered by PCF 44, was received. The boat was then temporarily repaired by its own crew with more permanent repairs being made later by the White River. The remaining undamaged craft assembled for another venture up the Rach Nang after the enemy positions were hit by air strikes and naval gunfire, in the early afternoon.
  At 1625 PCFs 3, 10, 31, 43, 44 and 71, with the MSF troops embarked, headed up river. The troops were landed at the river mouth and contact was soon made as PCF 71 took a rocket hit on it's port side. By 1630 the troops had surrounded the enemy firing position. In the ensuing fight two Viet Cong were killed and another probably killed before the enemy retreated up river with the MSF unit in pursuit, until darkness forced breaking contact. Despite vigorous attempts by the OinC and crew to control flooding and to beach PCF 71, it sank in 10 feet of water, only a half mile south of the river mouth. Units stood by PCF 71 and began salvage operations the following morning. Most of the electronic gear and the majority of weapons, including the 81mm mortar, were salvaged by the OinC and crew of PCF 44, despite some very dangerous sea conditions. The next day, 13 February, PCF 71 was successfully refloated by a salvage team. Other minor casualties were on PCF 10 where three crewmen were wounded by flying, broken glass from a shot out pilothouse window.
  Enemy losses to the PCF and MSF forces, that day, came to 27 bunkers, 20 claymore mines, 28 grenades, one structure, and one sampan destroyed; 2 AK-47 rifles captured and numerous bunkers damaged. One MSF soldier was wounded.

- Boat was hit by a B-40 rocket and 75mm recoilless rifle fire 3 September 1969, in the Song Bo De river, where it joins the Rach Duong Keo canal. PCF 10 arrived alongside the USS Windham County LST 1170 at 1300H on 6 September 1969, and was moored alongside to starboard. There was a westerly wind, 20 to 25 knots with gusts to 40 knots and the seas were six to eight feet from the west. At 1730, PCF 10 began taking on water internally and the damage control party was called away and rigged pumps. The PCF commenced taking water over the stern faster than the pumps could remove it.
  At 2000H, a sudden squall occurred which negated all efforts to save the boat and it sank at 2015H in about 25 feet of water. All classified material, small arms and personal effects were removed prior to the sinking.
  PCF 10 was dewatered and afloat at 1500H on 21 September 1969; salvage operations having been delayed by heavy weather. It was intended to tow the "Swift" boat to Vung Tau; however, after inspection she was found to be totally unseaworthy for tow and was then loaded on board the USS Whetstone LSD 27 and lifted to Cat Lo for repairs on 25 September 1969. On 13 October 1969, PCF 10 was loaded aboard the USS Ajax AR 6 for transfer to the Naval Base, Yokosuka, Japan, for repairs, arriving 28 October 1969.

PCF 11  

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
    24 December 1965 An Thoi first arrived in South Vietnam
James Henry Franklin III, LTJG, OinC 12/65-5/66 An Thoi Seattle, WA
James H. Gray, BM1   12/65-5/66 An Thoi arrived in country 11/9/65
Anthony Louis Ballard GMG2   12/65-5/66 An Thoi arrived in country 11/9/65
Christopher J. Connell, BM3 12/65-5/66 An Thoi arrived in country 11/9/65 - Lisbon, NY
Andrew George Miller, RM3 12/65-5/66 An Thoi arrived in country 11/9/65 - deceased 8/11/06 in Hillsboro, OR
William Albert Gerich, EN3 12/65-5/66 An Thoi arrived in country 11/9/65 - Quitman, MS
Joseph Allan Fachinger, LT, OinC   5/66-4/20/67 An Thoi arrived in country 4/30/66 - Louisville, KY
Chris Davis, BM1   5/66-5/67 An Thoi made chief
Joseph Otto Sowards, EN2   5/66-5/67 An Thoi  
Thomas Eugene Powley, RM3 5/66-5/67 An Thoi Louisville, KY
Bobby M(aurice) Kemp, GMG3   5/66-5/67 An Thoi Okeechobee, FL
Robert James Pelotte, SN   5/66-?? An Thoi ?Cincinnati, OH?
John Thomas Oliver, SN (wife) ??-5/67 An Thoi replaced Pelotte - deceased 1/11/10 in Pinehurst, NC
Walter Edward Kearns, LTJG, OinC   66- 2/67 An Thoi arrived in country 3/3/66 - Reston, VA
Thomas B. Gilmore, BM2   66 An Thoi  
Dennis Lee Wilson, GMGSN/3   66 An Thoi  
Harold Randall Beard, RMSN/3 66 An Thoi ?Houston, TX?
Thomas J. Kohr, SA/SN/SK3 3/66-9/67 An Thoi Lebanon, PA
Richard Charles Gustafson, LTJG, OinC 6/67-1/22/68 An Thoi arrived in country 1/31/67 - Minneapolis, MN
William Harvey Arnold Sr, BM3 6/67-6/68 An Thoi Poulsbo, WA
Morris Ray Finley Sr, EN2   6/67-6/68 An Thoi Rushville, NY
Donald Lee Meyer, RM3   6/67-6/68 An Thoi ?Indiana?
George Albert "Duffy" Dobry, GMG2   6/67-6/68 An Thoi was from Indiana
James (Nmn) Schilling, SN   6/67-6/68 An Thoi Chula Vista, CA
    12 December 1968 An Thoi boat sailed to Cat Lo for an in-country overhaul
James Milton Neveln, LTJG, OinC 4/69-5/69 Cat Lo/Sa Dec Reno, NV
Lawrence Charles Kuentzel, QM3   4/69-5/69 Cat Lo/Sa Dec deceased 6/22/09 in Virginia Beach, VA
Gregory B. "Greg" Thacker, RD3 4/69-5/69 Cat Lo/Sa Dec Elkins, AR
Fred Richard Cooper, BM3 4/69-5/69 Cat Lo/Sa Dec deceased 1/28/07 in Pelzer, SC
Charles Edward Reuter, EN3 4/69-5/69 Cat Lo/Sa Dec Cedar Rapids, IA
Robert Earl Nowlin, GMG3 4/69-5/69 Cat Lo/Sa Dec Bedford, TX
Richard Colton Kern, LTJG, OinC 6/69-11/69 Cat Lo Miami, FL
John A. Trischitti, QM2   6/69-9/69 Cat Lo 9/21/69 sent back to the USA, family troubles
Wilson, RM?   6/69-9/69 Cat Lo  
James William Newman Jr, BM3   6/69- Cat Lo ?Detroit, MI?
William Herbert Means, RD3 6/69- Cat Lo Bakersfield, CA
Carl Lavern Camp, GMG3   6/69- Cat Lo Casper, WY
Hoss, EN2   9/69- Cat Lo replacement for Wilson
Wilson, RM?   9/69- Cat Lo replacement for Trishitti
Richard Stephen Goetz, LTJG, OinC   11/69 Cat Lo replacement for Kern - La Jolla, CA
Jeffrey Mize Wainscott, ENS, OinC 6/69-10/69   Burgess, VA
Viet Hung Truong, BM2 8/69-1/70 Qui Nhon Bakersfield, CA
    31 October 1969 Saigon transferred to South Vietnamese Navy
PCF 3857
    11/69-?? Qui Nhon South Vietnamese Naval service

- PCFs 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12, and their crews, were transported together, in the well deck of the USS Catamount LSD 17, from Subic Bay to Phu Quoc Island (An Thoi) arriving 24 December 1965.

- On 15 April 1968, a special PCF naval gunfire element consisting of PCFs 6, 11, 38 and 74 conducted an intensive gunfire mission in an area northwest of Rach Gia on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The area, which had been the scene of numerous hostile fire incidents in recent weeks, was saturated with 81mm mortars and .50 caliber machine gun fire. An airborne spotter reported all rounds on target, destroying 45 structures and killing one Viet Cong (probable). During the mission, the Swift boats received heavy hostile fire with PCF's 38 and 74 taking a number of hits.

- On 17 October 1968, PCF 11, PCF 38 and PCF 93 conducted a raid into the Viet Cong controlled lake south of the Ong Doc river and were credited with 3 Viet Cong WIA, 64 structures destroyed, 15 sampans destroyed and numerous livestock destroyed. The OinCs of PCF 38 and PCF 93 and one crewman were wounded during the raid when the PCFs came under light fire.

- On 3 November 1968, PCF 5 and PCF 11 responded to a Market Time policeman operation in the Cai Lon river. PCF 5 came under enemy fire during the operation, sustaining minor damage.

- On 12 December 1968, sailed to Cat Lo for in country overhaul.

- Boat departed Qui Nhon 25 October 1969 for Saigon and turnover to the Vietnamese Navy.

- In ceremonies on 31 October 1969, at the Vietnamese Naval Shipyard in Saigon, 13 PCFs were turned over to the Vietnamese Navy. The PCFs were numbers 11, 23, 42, 44, 47, 57, 58, 66, 67, 68, 91 and 100. They departed that afternoon for Qui Nhon and will commence MARKET TIME patrols in the Second Coastal Zone during November. The Coastal Surveillance Center, Qui Nhon is also scheduled for turnover to the Vietnamese Navy in early November.

PCF 12

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
    24 December 1965 An Thoi first arrived in South Vietnam
George Charles Priebe Jr, LTJG, OinC 12/24/65-3/29/66 An Thoi Woodstock, IL
Linden Lee Ellis, BM2/1   12/24/65-11/66 An Thoi ?West Virginia?
Patrick Henry Harp, EN2/1 (son) 12/24/65-11/66 An Thoi deceased 9/16/79 in Pinellas, FL
John Henry "Dusty" Rhodes, GMG3   12/24/65-11/66 An Thoi  
Leon J. Lay, RM3   12/24/65-11/66 An Thoi  
Raymond Richard Allen, SN 12/24/65-2/66 An Thoi La Quinta, CA
Blair Henry Wintersgill, LTJG/LT, OinC   66-5/12/67 An Thoi arrived in country 5/18/66 - was from Pittsburgh, PA
John C. Ramsey, BM1   66 An Thoi  
Gene Louis Holm, EN3/2   66 An Thoi  
Robert Arthur Sikes, GMGSN   66 An Thoi Sacramento, CA
Richard Lewis Parsons, RMSN   66 An Thoi  
(Carl Edward) Wright, SN   66 An Thoi  
John Locke McCorkle, LTJG, OinC   66-9/13/67 An Thoi arrived in country 10/28/66 - was from Chapel Hill, NC
William W. "Red" Kanady, BM1   66-9/67 An Thoi  
Joseph Francis Chontos, RM3/2 66-9/67 An Thoi Chesapeake, VA
King Paul Mike Jr, SN   66-9/67 An Thoi served a second tour on swifts - Tsaile, AZ
Terry John "Smokey" Hart, GMGSN   66-9/67 An Thoi ?Itasca, NY?
Mike Baker, ENFN   66-3/67 An Thoi 3/67 developed medical problems and was transferred out
Lorenzo Ruiz Alvara Jr, EN3 3/67-11/67 An Thoi replaced Baker - deceased 9/13/13 in Eureka, CA
George Price Jr, OinC     An Thoi Lake Bluff, IL
Christopher (Nmn) Ream, LT, OinC 12/67-4/68 An Thoi left country 6/23/68 - Palo Alto, CA
Merlin Edward "Ed" Mundy Jr, QM1 12/67-4/68 An Thoi Spencer, IN
Dalton Carl "Butch" Heck Jr, EN2   12/67-4/68 An Thoi Houston, OH
Walter James "Moose" Torney, BM3   12/67-4/68 An Thoi deceased 12/10/09 in New Baltimore, MI
Robert Lee Moreno, RD3 12/67-4/68 An Thoi San Antonio, TX
Allen Smith, GMG3   12/67-4/68 An Thoi Pennsylvania
    13 April 1968 An Thoi boat transferred to DaNang
Peter Burgess Snyder, LTJG, OinC 4/8/68-10/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Broomfield, CO
Gary Edmond Rosenberger, QM2   4/68-10/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Middle River, MD
Johnnie Phillip Fitts, BM2   4/68-10/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Noel, MO
Kenneth Lester Bloch, RD3   4/68-10/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Columbia Heights, MN
Thomas Harold Klemash, GMG3 4/68-10/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Benicia, CA
James Walter Steffes, EN2 6/5/68-10/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Sun City, CA
    10/27/68 - 1/3/69   overhaul at NSF Cam Ranh
James Carney Round Jr, RDSN   68-2/69 DaNang/Chu Lai Spokane, WA
Tommy Lloyd Hovland, LTJG, OinC 6/69-3/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/Sea Float Greenville, SC
Burke Allison Salsi, RD2 6/69-3/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/Sea Float Greensboro, NC
Ronald Clyde Chase, GMG3 6/69-3/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/Sea Float Maneadero Baha, Mexico
Thomas W. Benton, EN3   6/69-7/69 DaNang/Chu Lai  
Stephen Jacob Brown, QM3/2   6/69-9/69 DaNang/Chu Lai  
William Alexander "Skip" Publicover, GMG3 6/69-10/69 DaNang Charleston, SC
Thomas Karl Brown, EN2 7/69-1/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/Sea Float replaced Benton - Tacoma, WA
William Douglas Kelley, QM2 9/69-3/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/Sea Float replaced Brown - Colbert, WA
    21 August 1969 DaNang boat transferred to An Thoi
Kenneth John "Val" Valentine, GMG2   11/69-3/70 An Thoi/Cam Ranh Kaneohe, HI 
Dale Leslie Demyan, RD3 12/69-3/70 An Thoi/Cam Ranh Trenton, SC
Kenneth Louis McCraw Jr, LTJG, OinC 3/70-3/70 An Thoi/ Cam Ranh Cedar Park, TX
Robert Wesley Anderson, EN3 3/70-3/70 An Thoi/Cam Ranh Columbus, MT
William Richard Weeks, RD2   3/70-3/70 An Thoi/Cam Ranh was from South Carolina
    1 April 1970 Cam Ranh transferred to South Vietnamese Navy
PCF 3864
Nguyen Cong Uong, Trung Uy, OinC   4/70-??    

- PCFs 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12, and their crews, were transported together, in the well deck of the USS Catamount LSD 17, from Subic Bay to Phu Quoc Island (An Thoi) arriving 24 December 1965.

- On 13 April 1968 boat transferred from An Thoi to DaNang.

- On 21 August 1969 boat transferred from DaNang to An Thoi.

PCF 13  

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
    23 January 1966 DaNang first arrived in South Vietnam
James Dewey Stephens, LTJG, OinC 1/66-10/4/66 DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue left country 11/8/66 - Washington, IA (Chief Baker story)   (magazine article)
Robert Martin Maynard, BM1   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue arrived in country 11/9/65 - deceased 12/14/03 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Michael Edward Lackey, RMSN   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue arrived in country 1/21/66 - ?retired 5/1/93? - was from Alabama
Vernal E. Orton, BM2   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue arrived in country 1/21/66
Paul Alan Adams, RM3   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue arrived in country 11/9/65 - ?California?
Edward Leonard Geary, SA   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue arrived in country 11/9/65
Jay Berkeley Fleming, LTJG, OinC   6/3/67-6/1/68 DaNang/Chu Lai San Diego, CA
William T. Stanley, EN1   6/67-6/68 DaNang/Chu Lai  
Jeffery Lynn Hannas Sr, BM2 6/67-6/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Fairfield, PA
Ronald Joseph Dickman, BM2   6/67-6/68 DaNang/Chu Lai  
Thomas Clarence Yarckow, GMG3 5/67-6/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Springfield, MO
Jesse Wayne Rose Jr, RDSN   7/67-11/67 DaNang/Chu Lai New York state
    11/29/67-2/28/68   overhaul in Subic Bay, PI
David Lansing Freeman, LTJG, OinC   2/11/68-1/69 Hue/Chu Lai was from Fairfax, VA
Darrell R. "Dino" Moschetti, BM3   2/68-1/69 Hue/Chu Lai Modesto, CA
James Patrick "Dizzy Dean" Devine Jr, EN2   2/68-??/68 Hue/Chu Lai ?North Fort Myers, FL? - was from Philadelphia, PA
Wayne Laxton Wicker, RD3   2/68-1/69 Hue/Chu Lai ?Marion, NC?
Harold Thomas Carter, RD3 2/68-1/69 Hue/Chu Lai Dixmont, ME
Lary Foster Wright, GMGSN   2/68-1/69 Hue/Chu Lai Fort Myers, FL
William Harris "Dave" Davis, EN2 ??/68-12/68 ??Hue/Chu Lai?? replaced Devine - Sedro Wooley, WA
Morton Strahan Hodgson III, ENS, OinC 1/69-8/69 DaNang Atlanta, GA
Tommy Lavern Francis, GMG2 1/69-8/69 DaNang Booneville, AR
Charles Kenneth Russell, RD2 1/69-8/69 DaNang Montgomery, AL
Barry Leigh Whitesell, BM3 1/69-8/69 DaNang Greensboro, NC
Wilson, EN?   1/69-3/69 DaNang WIA - 3/10/69 and medevaced
John Robert Phillips, EN1   3/69-8/69 DaNang replaced Wilson - Sullivan, MO
Elmo Russell Zumwalt III, LTJG, OinC   8/69-9/69 DaNang deceased 8/13/88 in Fayetteville, NC
Clarence William Nairmore, EN3 8/69-9/69 DaNang Birmingham, AL
Geoffrey Charles Martin, GMG3   8/69-9/69 DaNang Long Beach, CA
Archie Whiting Shuford Jr, GMG3   8/69-9/69 DaNang Hickory, NC
Harvey William Miller, RD3   8/69-9/69 DaNang Baltimore, MD
Gregory Dean Rose, GMG3 8/69-9/69 DaNang Salt Lake City, UT
Charles Russell "Chuck" Rabel, LTJG, OinC 10/69-1/70 DaNang Vista, CA
Glenn Michael Dohrmann, EN2 10/69-1/70 DaNang Ensign, KS
John Carl Brewer, BM2   10/69-1/70 DaNang Stanton, KY
David Lynn Stevenson, RD3 10/69-1/70 DaNang Madras, OR
Randall Edward Middleton, LTJG, OinC 10/69-2/70 DaNang Normal, IL
    28 February 1970 DaNang transferred to South Vietnamese Navy
PCF 3876

PCF 13, 14 & 16 in USS Fort Marion welldeck

PCFs 13, 14 & 16 in the welldeck of the USS Fort Marion, LSD 22

- PCFs 13 thru 18 were delivered to DaNang, from Subic Bay, PI, onboard the USS Fort Marion, LSD 22 on 23 January 1966.

- On 18 February 1966, PCF 13, while patrolling south of DaNang, was the first Swift Boat attached to DaNang to be taken under hostile fire. PCF 13 received five (5) rounds of mortar fire from the beach about two (2) miles north of the Cua Dai river.

- MARKET TIME participation in Operation Beau Charger, which began on 19 May 1967, was terminated on 26 May 1967. During this period one member of the USCGC Point Dume's crew and two members of PCF's 13 crew were wounded slightly by enemy fire. Both craft sustained minor hull damage.

- PCF's 3, 13, 23 and 42 were loaded aboard the USS Belle Grove LSD 2 on 29 November 1967, and then transported to the Naval Ship Repair Facility, Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines. These were the first four boats, of an eventual 24, scheduled for out-of-country overhaul because of serious hull corrosion in the main cabin bilges. All PCF's scheduled for this program were to exit from and return to country from a centralized point at Cam Ranh Bay. All ordnance equipment was off loaded at Cam Ranh Bay, prior to departure for the yards and would be overhauled by the Naval Support Facility, Cam Ranh Bay personnel. PCF's going through the out-of-country overhauls were programmed to receive design improvements, in addition to the refurbishing of the existing equipment. Some of the more significant improvements to be implemented included a more reliable 24 volt electrical system, a higher capacity drainage system and installation of a more powerful AC generator. In the attempt to stop, or at least slow down the rate of hull corrosion in the remaining 62 PCF's not scheduled for these overhauls, a program was initiated involving the application of special anti-corrosive paint and placement of magnesium anodes throughout the bilges.

- During the morning of 3 January 1969, PCF 13 carried out an effective psyops mission off the coast near two enemy controlled villages 25 miles northwest of Chu Lai. After an hour of loudspeaker operations approximately 150 Vietnamese civilians had gathered on the beach for escort to a refugee village. As the escort operation by PCFs 13 and 69 commenced an enemy ambush killed 10 and wounded 5 of the refugees as they moved from their village. The Swift boats called in Americal Division gunships to suppress the enemy fire as the Vietnamese interpreter on PCF 13 told the refugees help was on the way and sang them songs to prevent panic. By the end of the day more than 200 people had relocated, despite Viet Cong threats of death for doing so, in order to escape enemy exploitation of their food and labor.

- On 10 March 1969, PCF 13 and 99 were conducting routine familiarization with the river complex. PCF-99 exited seaward on business while PCF-13 maintained temporary single coverage of the "brown water". At dusk and not more than three kilometers from CG-14, PCF-13 was ambushed by an unknown sized enemy force. The boat received four rounds of B-40, RPG, recoilless rifle and small arms close aboard with shrapnel damage resulting. Several automatic weapons sights were also involved. The peak tank gunner was blown over the side by the impact of a large round nearby, and subsequently was recovered. Total damage to PCF-13 was several shrapnel holes, about 30-35 bullet holes, one disabled engine and one USN WIA. PCF-13 withdrew to Coastal Group FOURTEEN to await reinforcements. The injured engineman was medevaced.

- LTJG Robert Leroy Crosby, CosDiv 12 staff, wounded 24 September 1969, by an accidental discharge of the rear .50 caliber machine gun on PCF 13, while tied up to the YFNB-2 in DaNang. He died 26 September 1969, at the 3rd Army Field Hospital in Saigon.  Investigation details

PCF 14

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments CTF 115
In Out
    23 January 1966 DaNang first arrived in South Vietnam 1/23/66 -----
Robert Dulaney Reeves II, LTJG/LT, OinC   1/66-10/4/66 DaNang/Chu Lai Gainesville, FL ??? 11/1/66
Spencer Bostel Johnston Jr, BM1   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai deceased 2/15/04 in Mount Pleasant, PA 11/9/65 11/9/66
Charles Douglas Jennings, EN3 1/66-6/66 DaNang/Chu Lai Scottsdale, AZ 11/9/65 6/13/66
Charles Wesley Vaughn, RMSN/3   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai   11/9/65 ???
Tommie Dean Skinner, GMGSN/3   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai ?Gardena, CA? 11/9/65 5/19/67
Edward Stuart Mroczek, SN/QM3   1/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai Rochester, NY 11/9/65 6/7/67
Tony (Nmn) Ramos, EN1/C   6/66-11/66 DaNang/Chu Lai replaced Jennings - was from California 11/2/65 4/15/67
Harlan Kenneth Ullman, LT, OinC   10/66-4/4/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Washington, DC 4/17/66 4/4/67
Andrew Wallace "Tony" Herman, RM1 10/66-4/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Waipahu, HI 10/29/66 ???
Herbert Stephen Blume, LTJG, OinC 3/67-8/67 Da Nang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai Manchester, MO 12/23/66 12/21/67
Curtis Wayne Russell Jr, EN1   3/67-8/67 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai Coos Bay, OR 12/23/66 12/20/67
Martin Joseph Burke, BM2   3/67-??/67 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai   12/23/66 12/20/67
Daniel Paul Englert, GMG3   3/67-8/67 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai deceased 10/21/08 in Rochester, NY 12/23/66 12/1/67
Robert Donald Pruess, RMSA/SN/3 3/67-8/67 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai Oceanpark, WA 12/23/66 12/20/67
Jake Toussaint Gilmore, SN   3/67-8/67 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai was from Mississippi - made GMG3 12/23/66 12/20/67
Vernon George Stubbs, BM1   ??/67-8/67 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai Minneapolis, MN ??? ???
Walter (Nmn) Dobrzelecki (Doblecki), LTJG, OinC 8/67-11/67 DaNang/Cua Viet Gales Ferry, CT 7/6/67 8/9/68
Elvin (Nmn) Hurley, BM2   8/67-11/67 DaNang/Cua Viet ?St Louis, MO? 7/8/67 7/3/68
Daniel C. Overcast, RD2   8/67-11/67 DaNang/Cua Viet Bemus Point, NY 7/8/67 7/2/68
Robert Henry "Guppy" Guptill, EN2 8/67-11/67 DaNang/Cua Viet Lampasas, TX ?3/22/67? 7/2/68
Dewey Charles Williams, QM2 8/67-11/67 DaNang/Cua Viet Oxnard, CA 7/8/67 7/8/68
"Original GMG2"   8/67-?? DaNang/Cua Viet   ??? ???
Burke, GMG   ??-11/67 Cua Viet   ??? ???
Donald George Kaiser, LTJG, OinC 11/67-11/30/67 Cua Viet Marysville, WA 10/16/67 1/12/68
Emory Harrison Stephens, GMG2 11/67-11/30/67 Cua Viet Cartersville, GA 1/16/67 1/21/68
Robert Lee "Tiny" Herndon Sr, EN2   11/67-11/30/67 Cua Viet TRF NAVHOSP Long Beach, CA 12/15/67 - was from Minnesota 1/16/67 12/15/67
Buzz Oliver Boyd, GMG3   11/67-11/30/67 Cua Viet Cottonwood, CA 1/16/67 1/21/68
James Stephen Matheny Sr, SN 11/67-11/30/67 Cua Viet Granite City, IL ?7/26/66? 2/13/68

PCF 13, 14 & 16 in USS Fort Marion welldeck

PCFs 13, 14 & 16 in the welldeck of the USS Fort Marion, LSD 22 

- PCFs 13 thru 18 were delivered to DaNang, from Subic Bay, PI, onboard the USS Fort Marion LSD 22 on 23 January 1966.

- Boat damaged, OinC and BM1 injured in an attack in the Cape Batangan area, 31 August 1966, south of Chu Lai, by shore positions using small arms and small automatic weapons. They were wounded by shrapnel resulting from the enemy fire hitting their boat. These were the first two (2) DaNang based swift personnel to be wounded.

- At 0733 on 21 February 1967, PCF 14 recovered a US Marine aviator who had ejected from his A-4 aircraft 80 miles southeast of DaNang. The PCF sighted the chute while it was still airborne and proceeded to pick up the pilot from the sea. The Marine was unhurt and was later returned to Chu Lai by helicopter.

- At 0130 on 18 June 1967, PCF 14 stopped, searched and detained an unlighted junk 25 miles southeast of DaNang. Among the hidden items found on board by the PCF's crew were 25 vials of glucose serum, 25 vials of streptomycin, 24 vials of vitamins and seven bags of rice marked with the USAID stamp.

- PCF 14 capsized, sank and was lost while transiting heavy surf conditions, in an attempt to rescue local fisherman from several overturned sampans, at the Cua Viet river channel entrance, 30 November 1967. PCF 55 took an 85 degree roll and had all but one man washed overboard during rescue operations. The one remaining man held on and PCF 55, as well as all PCF 14's crew members and the Vietnamese personnel were rescued and returned safely to port.

- Because of the continuation of deteriorating sea conditions generated by the Northeast Monsoon, the Cua Viet detachment operations were terminated on 30 November 1967.

PCF 15

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
    23 January 1966 DaNang first arrived in South Vietnam
Bruce Connor Johnson Jr, LTJG, OinC 1/66-8/66 DaNang/Chu Lai left country 12/10/66 - Staten Island, NY
Freddie Lee Edwards Jr, BM2   1/66-8/66 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 11/9/65 - KIA 2/21/70 serving on PBR 8132 - Prichard, AL
Edwin C. Mantonya, EN2   1/66-8/66 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 11/9/65 - Puyallup, WA
James E. "Pappy" Bryson, GMG3   1/66-8/66 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 11/9/65 - 2nd tour An Thoi 69-70 - was from South Carolina
Kenneth Eugene Taylor, RMSN/3   1/66-8/66 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 11/9/65 - was from Colorado
James Vincent Perry, SN   1/66-8/66 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 11/9/65 - was from Rochester, NY
Kenneth Robert McGuire, LTJG/LT, OinC 11/66-3/16/67 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 9/2/66 - medevaced on 6/10/67 - Tarzana, CA
Robert Thomas Meron, BM1   11/66-5/67 DaNang/Chu Lai deceased 9/27/93 in San Diego, CA
Jimmie Lee Foster, EN2   11/66-5/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Bridgewater, IA
Irvin Dean Turnbull, RM3 11/66-5/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Georgetown, TX
Allen Clark LoBean, GMGSA 11/66-5/67 DaNang/Chu Lai  left country on leave 5/21/67 - Clayton, GA
Curtis Lee Williams, SN 11/66-5/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Hobe Sound, FL
Richard Kenneth Jankowsky, LTJG, OinC   5/67-2/17/68 DaNang/Chu Lai deceased 1/28/80 in San Diego, CA
Richard Allen Craig, EN2 5/67-2/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Howe, TX
Gary Yoshio Takahashi, GMGSN/3 5/67-2/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Santa Clara, CA
Michael Allen Turley, BM2 5/67-2/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Las Vegas, NV
Terry Lee Vander Molen, SN 5/67-2/68 DaNang/Chu Lai Shelbyville, MI
Jerome Aloysius Peschka Jr, LTJG, OinC 2/11/68-11/68 DaNang Kensington, MD
Thomas Kelley Noble Jr, RD2 2/68-11/68 DaNang Odon, IN
Howard Alva "Hal" McNinch Jr, RD3 2/68-11/68 DaNang Stevensville, MD
Jack Cole Batcheller, GMG3   2/68-11/68 DaNang Springfield, MO - ex-mayor of Ada, MO
Stephen Lewis Aasen, GMGSN 2/68-11/68 DaNang deceased 11/3/83 in Springfield, OR
Thomas Marvin Allen, GMGSA   2/68-11/68 DaNang ?South Bend, IN?
Elton Roger Key, BM2   68-69 DaNang deceased 5/18/00 in Hartford, WI
Larry Lee Wolpert, BM3   8/68-69 DaNang deceased 11/6/99 in Lincoln, IL
Mark Erwin Bell, RD2 6/69-8/69 DaNang Temple City, CA
Michael Kirk Gann, ENS, OinC 7/69-12/69 DaNang Richmond, TX
Micheal John Meeske, QM2   7/69-12/69 DaNang Nevada City, CA
Lawrence Alan Jones, RD2   7/69-12/69 DaNang  
Clifford Jos Elwart, EN2   7/69-12/69 DaNang San Diego, CA
Ray Douglas Kope Jr, BM3   7/69-12/69 DaNang Fayette, OH
Willard Eugene Short, GMG3   7/69-12/69 DaNang Bryant, AL
James Emery Conant Eaton, LTJG, OinC 12/69-1/70 DaNang Belvedere Tiburon, CA
    28 February 1970 DaNang transferred to South Vietnamese Navy
PCF 3877

- PCFs 13 thru 18 were delivered to DaNang, from Subic Bay, PI, onboard the USS Fort Marion LSD 22 on 23 January 1966.

- At 1430 on 9 April 1967, PCF 15 was acting as a blocking force, along the Thu Bon River, for the US Marines Operation Canyon, when a group of Viet Cong were observed moving up to attack a Marine platoon about one quarter mile from their position. When PCF 15 closed the shoreline, the enemy opened fire with automatic weapons and small arms. PCF 15 immediately returned fire with devastating accuracy, completely silencing the enemy positions. A Marine reconnaissance patrol, searching the area after the engagement, discovered eight enemy killed, three wounded and an assortment of abandoned weapons.

- On 13 May 1967, PCF 15 took out a crew of ABC newsmen to gather pictures of a swiftboat during high speed runs/manuevers, do you remember seeing these pictures of PCF 18 at speed?

- On 7 August 1967, seven MARKET TIME craft came to the assistance of Coastal Group 16 when its base, 70 miles southeast of DaNang, was assaulted by a battalion-size force of Viet Cong.

- The attack on the base began at 0300. PCF 20 reached the area by 0315 and began providing 81mm fire at the request of the base's naval advisor; shortly thereafter PCF 75 and the Vietnamese Navy's PCE 10 arrived to lend additional fire support. By 0345, however, an advancing enemy contingent -- approximately 300 in number -- had overrun the base. At this time USS Gallup PG 85, USS Camp DER 251 and two other Swifts (PCFs 15 and 54) were in the area, furnishing fire support and exfiltration patrols, and helping to evacuate the wounded. Thirty-two miles to the northwest, USS Widgeon MSC 208 had assumed the duty of a relay station for communications between the battle scene and the First Naval Zone's headquarters unit at DaNang. Since there was a possibility that the attack on the base might be combined with an infiltration attempt along the coastline, CTG 115.1, in DaNang, ordered Gallup to return to the southern portion of her patrol sector. Meanwhile, air and artillery strikes countered the enemy's movements within the Coastal Group base and two Vietnamese Army (ARVN) companies and one US Army company were dispatched to the scene. By 0730 the Viet Cong were forced to retreat from the heavily-damaged base. The Coastal Group commander and 13 Vietnamese sailor's had been killed. During the attack the Coastal Group's senior advisor, Lieutenant William C. Fitzgerald, USN and his three assistants joined in the effort to repel the invaders and resisted until the advisors' bunker was virtually surrounded. Lieutenant Fitzgerald then requested an artillery strike on his position and provided covering fire while his men escaped to the river. Before Lieutenant Fitzgerald could make good his own escape he was killed by small-arms fire.

- During the enemy attack Swift boats evacuated three Navy advisors and approximately 40 Vietnamese to USS Camp for treatment and shelter; fifteen of the Vietnamese were subsequently transferred to the hospital at Quang Ngai by helicopter. Camp remained on station until the 11th, providing illumination fire and gunfire support as the task of rebuilding the base began.  Full Story

- On 30 September 1967, PCF15 rescued a Marine pilot whose aircraft had crashed 48 miles southeast of DaNang.

- In response to a request from the USS Valley Forge LPH 8 on the evening of 1 May 1968, PCF 15 and USCGC Point Lomas were sent to the scene of a helicopter crash at sea about 22 miles northwest of Tan My. The Market Time units arrived in the area by 2130. Four survivors were rescued after having been in the water since 2056. The search for the fifth man in the aircraft continued until 0105 when normal patrol operations were resumed.

- On the morning of 1 May 1969, CTU 115.1.0, consisting of PCFs 15, 58, 70, USN EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Team, Coastal Group 14 units, VNN Engineering Team from Quang Nam Sector and a VNN Security Force Team conducted SEA TIGER operations in the Song Cua Dai and Song Thu Bon Rivers about five miles Southeast of Hoi An. The search and destroy mission involved river penetration into a known Viet Cong concentration. Units of CTU 115.1.0 and Coastal Group 14 acted as a river blocking force while the EOD Team, VNN Engineering Team and VNN Security Force Team were inserted for a bunker destruction sweep. Two PCFs penetrated several miles upriver and fired at targets of opportunity and Viet Cong hamlets on both river banks until shallow water and man-made obstructions halted further penetration. The two PCFs received moderate hostile small arms fire which was quickly suppressed. Several people were taken under fire while running for fortified positions and firing at CTU 115.1.0 units. Heavy enemy small arms was then received from the fortified position and was immediately suppressed by the PCFs. The units ashore destroyed the bunker complexes. The operation resulted in 14 structures, 43 bunkers, nine sampans and 10 fishing weirs destroyed and 15 structures damaged. There were no friendly casualties while two Viet Cong were probably killed.

- On the night of 24 June 1969, PCFs 15 and 61, while conducting a SEA TIGER patrol on the Troung Giang River about 16 mile south-southeast of DaNang, observed a sampan moving from west to est. PCF 15 utilized proper warning procedures but the sampan continued to evade and was taken under fire and destroyed. Three bodies were recovered from the debris. Two survivors tried to evade and were killed. An elderly female, in shock, but otherwise uninjured, was taken from the water. Continuing the patrol, the PCFs received automatic weapons fire and suppressed it. Four sampans were damaged but the occupants successfully evaded. Departing the area PCF 61 struck a submerged object with it's screws and sustained minor damage. There were no friendly casualties while five VC were killed (body count) and one female was captured.

- PCF 15 holds the dubious distinction of accomplishing, in a single night's action, the following:
    1) Breaking up a secret Seal Team landing, near Hue, by shining their spotlight on the seal team's rubber raft.
    2) Running into a surfaced US Navy submarine while trying to come alongside, so they could go aboard and explain why they had illuminated the Seal Team and broken up the landing operation.

PCF 16  

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
    23 January 1966 DaNang first arrived in South Vietnam
John David Louk, LTJG, OinC 1/66-10/4/66 DaNang left country 11/15/66 - Carmel, IN
Wallace James Hogue Jr, BM2   1/66-10/66 DaNang arrived in country 11/9/65 - deceased 1/19/00 in Simpsonville, SC
Billie D. Stewart, GMG3   1/66-10/66 DaNang arrived in country 11/9/65 - was from Illinois
Jerry Lee Larkin, EN3 1/66-10/66 DaNang arrived in country 11/9/65 - Washougal, WA
James Richard Schrader, RMSN/3   1/66-10/66 DaNang arrived in country 11/9/65 - was from Cleveland, OH
Terry Wayne Carter, SN   1/66-10/66 DaNang arrived in country 11/9/65 - was from Florence, AL
Anthony Rogers Taylor, LTJG, OinC 10/66-7/20/67 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 7/31/66 - Redmond, WA
Robert Earnest Farris, BM1   10/66-7/67 DaNang/Chu Lai deceased 10/25/82 in San Diego, CA
John Joseph Hawkins, EN3 10/66-7/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Medford, OR
Douglas Will Jackson, GMG3   10/66-7/67 DaNang/Chu Lai deceased 10/12/04 in Jenson, UT
Kenneth W(a??) Thorsson, RMSN   10/66-??/67 DaNang/Chu Lai medevaced early '67 - deceased 8/27/09 in Elgin, IL
John Newton Thompson, SA   10/66-7/67 DaNang/Chu Lai deceased 8/28/98 in Jasper, AL
Larry Lester Meyer, LTJG, OinC 5/20/67-11/67 DaNang left country 5/17/68 - East Lansing, MI
Michael Wayne Roberts, GMG3 5/67-11/67 DaNang Port Orchard, WA
(Leo) (Nmn) Hughes, BM1   5/67-11/67 DaNang  
Patrick Richard Lannen, RDSN   6/67-11/67 DaNang deceased 4/19/05 in St Augustine, FL
Brown, RDSN   5/67-11/67 DaNang  
Rich Hassom, EN2   5/67-11/67 DaNang was from New York state
George King Johnson III, LTJG, OinC 11/16/67-5/68 DaNang Stevensville, MD
David Lee Pendergrass, RD2 11/67-5/68 DaNang Copperopolis, CA
David Gene McNeeley, EN2   11/67-5/68 DaNang Summerville, SC
Wendell Lewis Soiseth, GMG2 11/67-5/68 DaNang Williston, ND
Joseph Paul Daniluk, RD3 11/67-5/68 DaNang Aurora, CO
Frederick George Schuler, BM2   11/67-5/68 DaNang was from Washington
    ????-10/5/68   overhaul in Subic Bay, PI
Lawrence Edward Mient, LTJG, OinC 10/68-11/68 DaNang arrived in country 8/29/68 - Coraopolis, PA
Carlous Wayne Goddard, BM2   10/68-11/68 DaNang Casa Grande, AZ
Gerald Elton Duke Jr, EN2   10/68-11/68 DaNang Cosmopolis, WA
George Llyod Fuller, BM3   10/68-11/68 DaNang  
Brian Paul Houillion, GMGSN   10/68-11/68 DaNang Auburn, WA
Mark Erwin Bell, RD3 10/68-11/68 DaNang Temple City, CA
Jack Edwyn McDaniel, EN3   11/68-11/68 DaNang deceased 12/31/99 in Ozona, TX
    6 December 1968 Cat Lo transferred to South Vietnamese Navy
PCF 3826

PCF 13, 14 & 16 in USS Fort Marion welldeck

PCFs 13, 14 & 16 in the welldeck of the USS Fort Marion, LSD 22 

- PCFs 13 thru 18 were delivered to DaNang, from Subic Bay, PI, onboard the USS Fort Marion LSD 22 on 23 January 1966.

- On 10 August 1966, PCF 16 recovered two wounded Viet Cong suspects from a damaged boat eight miles south of DaNang. The boat had been attacked by an armed helicopter during ground operations in the area.

- On 22 May 1966, PCF 16 found a junk adrift, 16 miles southeast of DaNang. The craft's engine was inoperative and the occupants, two adults and a boy, stated that they had been adrift for two weeks without food. The Swift boat's personnel gave them some food and towed the junk to the Coastal Group 14 base near DaNang for further assistance and disposition.

- On 17 January 1968, PCF 27 was called upon to search for a helicopter which had reportedly crashed approximately 11 miles north-northeast of DaNang. Slightly more than an hour after commencing the search the Swift boat sighted a light on the beach. A nearby Marine unit was directed to the scene and found two survivors out of a crew of four. PCF 27 continued to provide illumination for the search until relieved by PCF 16. PCF 16 was joined by the USS Fortify MSO 446 and the two units continued the search with negative results, although some debris and an oil slick were found.

- PCFs 16 and 78, and other Market Time units, intercepted a North Vietnamese arms trawler and forced it to beach near Cape Batangan, 14 March 1967. he trawler destroyed itself, to prevent capture of its contraband cargo by friendly forces.  (Full Story)

PCF 17

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
    23 January 1966 DaNang first arrived in South Vietnam
Paul Vincent Murphy, LTJG, OinC 1/66-11/22/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66, left 12/15/66 - Coronado, CA
James D. Prader, BM1   1/66-11/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66
Wallace Marshall Kelly, GMG3/2   1/66-11/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - deceased 5/29/05 in Chula Vista, CA
Delmar Glenn McEver, EN3/2 1/66-11/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - Powder Springs, GA
Richard John Santerre, RM3 1/66-11/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66, left 12/20/66 - Naples, FL - CPA
Albert (Nmn) Milliner Jr, SN   1/66-11/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - ?deceased 6/5/90 in Bronx, NY?
David Edwin Paul, SA 11/66-6/68 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 11/8/66 - Fox Island, WA
Harold Cowan Griffin Jr, LTJG, OinC 12/66-8/67 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 9/24/66 - Greenville, SC
Bonnie Hal Douglas, BM1   12/66-8/67 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 9/24/66 - Fruitvale, TN
David M. Schroeder, EN2   12/66-8/67 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 4/1/66
Dana Gene Fitzsimons Sr, RMSN   12/66-8/67 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 9/22/66 - Henrico, VA
Earl Leroy Hargraves, GMG3   12/66-???? DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 4/1/66
Richard Clyde Butts, SN   12/66-???? DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 9/24/66
Robert Louis Sigrist Jr, LTJG, OinC   1/67-1/23/68 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai Sonoma, CA
EN1 name unknown   1/67-1/68 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai  
Ralph Lyn Mort, BM2   1/67-1/68 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai was from Colorado
James Robert Boxley, GMG3   1/67-1/68 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai deceased 7/13/11 in Huntersville, NC
John Paul Jones, QMSN 1/67-1/68 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai Albuquerque, NM
Pat Noel Alexander, SN 1/67-1/68 DaNang/Cua Viet/Chu Lai deceased 2/19/13 in St Louis, MO
?John Martin, OinC?   8/67-????    
George King Johnson III, LTJG, OinC 5/68-10/68 Chu Lai Stevensville, MD
David Lee Pendergrass, RD2 5/68-10/68 Chu Lai Copperopolis, CA
David Gene McNeely, EN2/1   5/68-10/68 Chu Lai Summerville, SC
Wendell Lewis Soiseth, GMG2 5/68-10/68 Chu Lai Williston, ND
Charles Gregory Pfeifer, LTJG, OinC 10/68-1/69 DaNang arrived in country 9/5/68 - WIA 1/16/69 - Virginia Beach, VA
Robert Alan Gill, SM2 10/68-6/69 DaNang/Cat Lo Grant, AL
Bobby Gene Neal, BM3   10/68-???? DaNang/Cat Lo  
Kenneth Nicholas Sinz, RD3 10/68-7/69 DaNang/Cat Lo Hartville, OH
Edward Casper York Jr, EN3   10/68-7/69 DaNang/Cat Lo Jackson Center, OH
Richard Michael Madison, GMGSN/3   10/68-3/69 DaNang/Cat Lo ?Belpre, OH?
Michael Albert Hudson, LTJG, OinC 1/69-7/69 Cam Ranh Bay/Cat Lo arrived in country 9/21/68 - replaced Pfeifer - Littleton, CO
Frank Albert Mueller Jr, LTJG, OinC 7/69-12/69 Cat Lo Charlottesville, VA
Richard C. Hall Sr, GMG3   7/69-2/70 Cat Lo  
Roy Lester Plummer, QM2   7/69-2/70 Cat Lo Edinburg, VA
Jesse Warren Rushing, QM2 7/69-11/69 Cat Lo WIA - 11/11/69 - was from Mississippi
Harold Thomas Futrell, RD2   7/69-2/70 Cat Lo Cadiz, KY
Danny Dean Pearcy, EN2   7/69-2/70 Cat Lo Bloomington, IN
    11 September 1969   boat transferred from Cat Lo to Sea Float
Franklin Delano Alligood, QM1 11/69-2/70 Cat Lo St Augustine, FL
Louis Joseph Marucheau, LTJG, OinC 12/69-6/70 CatLo/SeaFloat Erie, CO 
Thomas Edwin Terrell, QM2 2/70-6/70 An Thoi deceased 6/24/08 in Oceanside, CA
George Warren Snodgrass, RD3   2/70-6/70 An Thoi Walker, LA
John Frederick Paulson, EN3   2/70-6/70 An Thoi  
Alvis Wayman Jacks, RDSA   2/70-6/70 An Thoi Bismark, ND
    10 June 1970 An Thoi transferred to South Vietnamese Navy
PCF 3815

- PCFs 13 thru 18 were delivered to DaNang, from Subic Bay, PI, onboard the USS Fort Marion LSD 22 on 23 January 1966.

- Early in January 1969 (the exact date is forever buried in the long lost "After Action Report"); PCF 17 ran aground on a "CHARTED" sandbar just as the tide was going out! As you can see from the picture on the left, the term "High and Dry" hardly seems appropriate enough, as the closest navigable water is over a mile away. The land based PCF 17 lost its seashore resting place a number of hours later when the tide came back in and put four (4) feet of water under the keel. Oh yes, about the well dressed swimmer posing in this picture, he went on to become a Master Chief Signalman named Robert Alan Gill, the only known Signalman to ever serve on swifts. (Mouse over the picture to enlarge it)

- On the afternoon of 7 July 1969, PCF 17 observed a junk ablaze near the mouth of the Bassac River, 43 miles southeast of Can Tho. Upon approaching the junk, a woman on the bow was trying to extinguish the flames while three children were on the stern. Due to the intensity of the fire, the "Swift" boat was unable to immediately extinguish the fire and proceeded to rescue the people on board. While taking the children on board, the woman jumped into the water and started swimming toward the PCF, but the strong current dragged her under, and she drowned. PCF 54 was then called to the scene, and after an hour and a half, the fire was finally extinguished. The junk was totally consumed by the fire, except for the hull. The crew stated that the junk apparently contained a large quantity of gasoline or oil. PCF 17 then towed the hull out of the Bassac River, where it and the occupants were taken under tow by an accompanying junk.

- On 7 September 1969, PCFs 17 and 28 inserted PRU, National Police Field Forces, and PF forces about 40 miles southeast of Can Tho, on the Bassac River. The "Swift" boats then withdrew to provide a blocking force and gunfire support. The ground forces, led by Hoi Chanhs, found an abandoned VC prison camp. Sweeping to the west, another POW camp was found and six prisoners were liberated. The troops were then extracted, and on the return trip, PCF 17 conducted a psyops mission. The ground forces killed two VC and captured 15 pounds of documents. As a result of the psyops broadcast, two Hoi Chanhs rallied to the "Swift" boats. There were no friendly casualties.

- On 11 September 1969, PCF 17 transferred from Cat Lo to Sea Float.

- PCFs 17, 37 and 59 entered the Rach Eo Lon about 15 miles east of TraVinh taking targets of opportunity under fire on the morning of 11 November 1969. All units beached and destroyed various bunkers and structures near the river bank and fired 81mm fire into the surrounding area. As the units proceeded out of the canal, PCF 17 was hit by a B-40 or B-41 rocket, above the waterline. The rocket penetrated through the port engine and slightly damaged the starboard engine. One VNN crewman was thrown into the water and was picked up by PCF 37. While PCF 17 exited the canal, the other "Swift" boats saturated the ambush site with heavy suppressive fire. There were five structures, six bunkers and two sampans destroyed in the operation. One US sailor was slightly and one VNN crewman suffered a severe back injury, enemy casualties are unknown.

PCF 18

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments
    23 January 1966 DaNang first arrived in South Vietnam
Anthony Atwater Baker, LTJG, OinC   1/66-5/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - was from Easton, MD
William I. Lockhart, BM1   1/66-?? DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - ?retired BMC 11/69 - from Washington?
Donald Lee "Henry" Ford, GMG1   1/66-3/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - deceased 4/21/02 in Crayne, KY
Charles Eugene Barham, EN3 No Computer 1/66-3/66 DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - deceased 3/16/11 in Albuquerque, NM
Linden Wesley Strohl, RMSN   1/66-?? DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - deceased 8/11/98 in St Louis, MO
Robert Lee McCredie, SN 1/66-?? DaNang arrived in country 1/23/66 - Omro, WI
John Ellsworth Dorsey, GMG3/2   3/66-?? DaNang arrived in country 9/5/65 - replaced Ford - was from Maryland
Ralph (Nmn) Byrd Jr, EN2   3/66-?? DaNang arrived in country 9/5/65 - replaced Barham - was from Florida
Gerald Leroy Good, LTJG, OinC 10/66-4/67 DaNang/Chu Lai arrived in country 7/11/66 - Long Beach, CA
James H(arold) Phillips, BM1   10/66-4/67 DaNang/Chu Lai ?retired BM1 7/1/68 - deceased 1/1/01 in Monroeville, AL?
Sammy Martin "Shorty" Hamilton, EN2   10/66-4/67 DaNang/Chu Lai ?deceased 2/23/93 in Fulton, GA?
George W(i??) Daugherty, GMG2   10/66-4/67 DaNang/Chu Lai  
Albert Eugene Owens, RMSN 10/66-4/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Danville, AR
John Elliot Pearson, SN   10/66-4/67 DaNang/Chu Lai was from Washington
Bruce Melvin Wentworth, LTJG, OinC 4/67-10/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Elgin, TX
Wesley James Schneider, EN2 4/67-10/67 DaNang/Chu Lai Rapid City, SD
William Thomas "Tommy" Langham, BM3 4/67-10/67 DaNang/Chu Lai deceased 1/12/07 in Beaumont, TX
Michael McCoy, GMG3   4/67-10/67 DaNang/Chu Lai  
Ronald Alfred Peterson, RD3   4/67-10/67 DaNang/Chu Lai ?navy retiree? - Sheboygan Falls, WI
Lloyd "Floyd" Smith, SN   4/67-10/67 DaNang/Chu Lai was from California
James Joseph McConnell, LTJG/LT, OinC   11/67-4/68 DaNang/Chu Lai left country 5/17/68 - Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Michael David Aly, FN        
Robert W. Adkins III, EN2       was from Virginia
Terry Solen Isenhour, GMG2 1/68-1/69 DaNang/Chu Lai Lincolnton, NC
    4/8-5/16/69   overhaul at NSF Cam Ranh Bay
Luther Jerome Ellingson, LTJG, OinC 5/69-3/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/An Thoi Eden Prairie, MN
David Brant "Hearts" Boss, RD3 (friend) 5/69-3/70 DaNang/Chu Lai/An Thoi Salida, CA
    21 August 1969 DaNang boat transferred to An Thoi
William Kent Gain, RD2   10/69-4/70 Cat Lo/ Nha Be Sheridan, WY
David Allen Turnbull, GMG2   10/69-4/70 Cat Lo/ Nha Be was from Michigan
William Anderson Patin, RD3/2 10/69-4/70 Cat Lo/ Nha Be deceased 2/18/12 in Reno, NV
Gary Edward Vanzyll, GMG3 10/69-4/70 Cat Lo/ Nha Be Carson City, NV
Charles A. Stratton, BM3 10/69-4/70 Cat Lo/ Nha Be Sturgeon Bay, WI
Glenn E. Merritt Jr, EN3 10/69-4/70 Cat Lo/ Nha Be ?Erie, PA?
David Frank MacGrath III, LTJG, OinC 4/70-10/70 An Thoi Fulton, IL
Robert Bruce Colcleasure, QM2 4/70-10/70 An Thoi Sacramento, CA
James C. Reese, EN2   4/70-10/70 An Thoi Mary Esther, FL
Gilbert Stanley Crabtree, EN2   4/70-10/70 An Thoi Prospect, OH
Robert Anthony Janiszewski, EN2   4/70-10/70 An Thoi Charles Town, WV
Charles Edward Beaver Jr, GMG3 4/70-10/70 An Thoi Oakland, ME
    31 October 1970 Cat Lo transferred to South Vietnamese Navy
PCF 3916

- PCFs 13 thru 18 were delivered to DaNang, from Subic Bay, PI, onboard the USS Fort Marion LSD 22 on 23 January 1966.

- PCFs 18 and 20 participated in a running fire fight with an infiltrating North Vietnamese arms trawler, scoring one direct hit with a white phosphorus round, and out gunned the trawler into the beach south of Duc Pho (southern I Corps), resulting in the destruction of the trawler, 1 March 1968.     (Story)

- On 12 February 1969, PCFs 18, 39 and 99 entered the Cua Dai river and proceeded to Hoi An in company with Three Yabuta junks of Coastal Group 14. At Hoi An a pre-Tet concert was performed by the Third Marine Amphibious Force Drum and Bugle Corps in the market place. Other psyops activities were carried out as tapes were broadcast and numerous materials were passed out. On the transit back to sea targets of opportunity were taken under fire and light hostile fire encountered causing no damage or casualties.

- On 21 August 1969 boat transferred from DaNang to An Thoi.

PCF 19  

Crew e-mail Address Dates Base Comments CTF 115
In Out
    13 February 1966 DaNang first arrived in South Vietnam 2/13/66 -----
Paul V. Murphy, LTJG, OinC   2/66-12/66 DaNang/Chu Lai was from Highlands, NJ 1/23/66 12/15/66
Eutiquio (Nmn) Garcia, BM2   2/66-12/66 DaNang/Chu Lai   2/13/66 12/7/66
George Herman Hays, EN2   2/66-12/66 DaNang/Chu Lai   2/13/66 12/8/66
Douglas Owen Yeaman, GMG3/2   2/66-12/66 DaNang/Chu Lai deceased 6/21/08 in Riverside, CA 2/13/66 7/1/67
Gary H. Martin, RMSN/3   2/66-12/66 DaNang/Chu Lai was from the Seattle, WA area 2/13/66 12/7/66
Richard Dale Bostick, SN 2/66-12/66 DaNang/Chu Lai Midway, OH 2/13/66 ???
Walter Carl Wise Jr, LTJG, OinC   2/66-12/66 DaNang Jasper, AL 2/13/66 12/18/66
Gilbert Felix Gallegos, BM1   2/66-1/67 DaNang deceased 4/16/06 in Ponderosa, NM 2/13/66 12/7/66
Max Edwin White, LTJG, OinC   3/66-1/67 DaNang   3/25/66 1/19/67
Harry James Grady, RM3   3/66-3/67 DaNang   3/24/66 3/18/67
Manuel F. Zermeno, BM2/1   3/66-3/67 DaNang   3/24/66 3/2/67
Robert D. Ramsey, GMG2   3/66-3/67 DaNang   3/24/66 ???
Robert Carroll Lehman Jr, EN3   3/66-3/67 DaNang deceased 6/12/04 in Largo, FL 3/24/66 12/8/66
Alton Raybou Gunther, EN2   3/66-3/67 DaNang   3/7/66 ???
Richard Lee Nitz, SN/ETN3 3/66-3/67 DaNang/Chu Lai/Hue Troy, NY 3/24/66 3/1/67
James Douglas Harrison, LTJG, OinC 4/67-10/21/67 Chu Lai Fairfax, VA 11/7/66 10/21/67
Andrew Wallace "Tony" Herman, RM2/1 4/67-10/67 Chu Lai Waipahu, HI 10/29/66 ???
    ??-1/68   overhaul at NSF Cam Ranh ----- -----
Paul Douglas Burgess, LTJG, OinC   2/68-6/68 DaNang ?Boca Raton, FL? 8/8/67 8/9/68
Dennis Michael O'Donnell, QM1   2/68-6/68 DaNang ?deceased 9/25/94 in Compton, CA? 8/11/67  
George Archer Sayres Jr, BM2   2/68-6/68 DaNang deceased 1/15/96 in San Bernardino, CA 8/11/67 8/12/68
Larry Blaine Heavner, EN2   2/68-6/68 DaNang deceased 7/1/03 in Moorefield, WV 8/11/67 8/12/68
Larry James Schluckbier, BM2   2/68-6/68 DaNang Spring Hill, FL 4/5/67 8/12/68
Alexander Radisa Jr, QM2   2/68-5/68 DaNang deceased 12/29/98 in Akron, OH 7/8/67 ???
John David Davis, LTJG, OinC   -6/16/68 DaNang TRF to NAVHOSP SDGO 8/9/68 - deceased 1/21/06 in Niles, OH 1/5/68 8/9/68
John Robert Anderegg, GMGSA   -6/16/68 DaNang deceased 10/8/83 in Fithian, IL  (Flyer)   (Memorial) 1/8/68 ???
Billy Stanley Armstrong, GMG3/2   -6/16/68 DaNang KIA 6/16/68 - West Helena, AR 1/8/68 -----
Frank (Nmn) Bowman, QM2   -6/16/68 DaNang KIA 6/16/68 (never recovered) - Walterborough, SC 1/8/68 -----
Anthony Gordon Chandler, BM3/2   -6/16/68 DaNang KIA 6/16/68 - Warner Robins, GA  (Story) 1/8/68 -----
Edward Cruz Cruz, EN2   -6/16/68 DaNang KIA 6/16/68 - Inarajan, Guam 1/8/68 -----
Mui Quang Thi - Interpreter   -6/16/68 DaNang KIA 6/16/68 - DaNang, RVN ----- -----

- PCFs 19 thru 22 were delivered to DaNang, from Subic Bay, PI, onboard the USS Fort Marion LSD 22 on 13 February 1966.

- On 19 February 1966, became the first DaNang Swift Boat to engage and sink a junk that had been attempting to evade being boarded and searched.

- On the evening of 1 May 1967, a CH-46 helicopter enroute to the USS Sanctuary AH 17 with 13 patients aboard crashed 31 miles south of DaNang. USCGC Point Orient and PCF 19 joined a number of US Seventh Fleet units in an all-night search for survivors. Nine of the helicopter's 17 occupants were rescued.

- On 14 May 1967, PCF 99 received automatic weapons fire from the shore while conducting a "psywar" loudspeaker mission 67 miles south of DaNang PCF 19 joined to assist and provided cover as PCF 99 engaged the enemy positions. During the encounter, PCF 99 sustained eight hits which wounded four of the crew and forced the Swift boat to withdraw. PCF 75 then arrived on the scene and, together with PCF 19, conducted ten firing runs against the ambush area while a fourth Swift boat, PCF 76, provided covering mortar fire. During the action, PCFs 19 and 76 each were struck six times by enemy fire and PCF 75 sustained the loss of an antenna. The extent of Viet Cong casualties was undetermined..  Full Story

- On 11 October 1967, while closing the beach approximately five miles northeast of Cape Batangan to investigate a small junk, PCF 79 received approximately 100 round of automatic-weapons fire from three positions. PCF 79 sustained on hit at the waterline and was subsequently joined by PCFs 19 and 54 and the USS New DD 818. All hostile fire, which came from a total of six different positions, was suppressed as the various craft completely saturated the area with their weapons.

- At approximately 0100, 15 or 16 June 1968, the date is disputed, PCF 19 came under attack by ?enemy aircraft, helicopters and/or fixed wing?, in the vicinity of the Cua Viet river. In the ensuing attack, PCF 19 was sunk, by rocket fire, after taking at least five (5) hits, and with the loss of four (4) crewmen and the VNN rider.
The OinC and gunners mate were rescued, from the water, by the USCG Point Dume. PCF 19 was completely destroyed, 19 June 1968, by personnel from the USS Acme MSO 508.  Story

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